New York Times

November, 2013

New York Times Op-Ed: Stop Penalizing Poor College Students

Nate Johnson of Postsecondary Analytics, Kristin Conklin of HCM Strategists, and Sandy Baum of the George Washington University and Urban Institute argue that the design of the Pell grant program may further disadvantage some low-income students. Access the op-ed here.

Nikkei Business Daily

October, 2013

New Trend in Higher Education Marketing (6) “Utilizing For-profit Consulting Firms to Improve Institutional Management”

In the US, there are many consulting firms that provide universities with institutional research services. Mr. Takeshi Yanagiura is one such consultant. As one of a few Japanese professionals in institutional research in the US, he has participated in many projects in a variety of higher education settings such as states, institutions, and non-profit organizations. Mr. Yanagiura currently serves as the Director of Research at Postsecondary Analytics, LLC.

US higher education institutions highly value analytics, but not all institutions have sufficient IR capacity to deliver high quality analytic products and services due to lack of staff, skills, or both. Furthermore, grant-funded programs usually require an external evaluator. It is for these reasons that the demand for analytics consulting firms has been consistently high in the US.

Postsecondary Analytics began offering institutional research consulting services on the Japanese higher education market in April, 2013. One of their new products is Optimizing Academic Balance (OAB), a unique IR process developed by Dr. Kenneth Hoyt, who has served in various leadership roles at American universities, and is the current CEO of Higher Education Practice, LLC. OAB evaluates academic programs in light of their education quality and the institution’s mission. It also includes budget analysis and a supply and demand study for each program, helping the management team make data-driven decisions for effective resource allocation in student recruitment and program opening, closing, or consolidation. OAB has proved its effectiveness in US institutions. Its potential impact on the management of Japanese institutions cannot be overstated. (Transl. Takeshi Yanagiura)

Complete College America: Full-Time is Fifteen

October, 2013

How Full-Time are “Full-Time” Students? Policy Brief Commissioned by Complete College America

Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning

January/February, 2013

Can Higher Education Accountability be Both Fair and Transparent? Lessons from Context for Success

Education Week

July 11, 2011

Food for Thought as Colleges Set Tuition and Trim Expenses

Good Education Magazine

February 18, 2012
Higher Education Needs Smarter Spending for Student Success

Inside Higher Ed

April 13, 2012
Do Price Controls Help Students?
March 27, 2012
Outpacing IPEDS
June 9, 2011
Car Sales and College Graduation

New York Times

March 02, 2012
State Cutbacks Curb Training in Jobs Critical to Economy