Postsecondary Analytics Research File on Institutional Tuition and Fees by Courseload

DATE: September 5, 2017

AUTHOR: Aaron Fernandes


Existing sources of data on tuition and fees include a single amount for

full-time students, but no detail on how that varies depending on students’ courseloads. For the purpose of this project, Postsecondary Analytics researched the specific tuition and fee charges for different courseloads (e.g. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 credits) at public and private institutions with enrollments over 2,000 students and a sample of those with smaller enrollments. Where the data were available, they are included in this file.

Data link:

Postsecondary Analytics Research File

Best for:

Analyzing national or specific institutional differences in tuition structure

Not as good for:

State averages or comparisons.


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