Postsecondary Analytics Teams: How we Work

Most projects we work on require a mix of talents and experience that no one person can provide. With every new assignment, we work with clients to clarify their needs, recommend effective solutions, and recruit a team tailored to the specific project. We, too, welcome opportunities to participate in teams organized by colleagues and partners in the field.

Some of our valued working partners are listed here. In addition, we draw a network of highly-regarded professionals currently employed in their fields not listed here who make themselves available for occasional consulting work.

Please contact us if you would be interested in partnering with Postsecondary Analytics.

Our Partners

Here is an introduction to some of our partners!
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Stat Helpers Company LogoElayne Reiss
Institutional Researcher

Higher Ed Insight LogoPatricia Steele
Higher Ed Policy Consultant

Business Geography Advisors Company LogoGrant Thrall
Business Consultant

Takeshi Yanagiura

Flatpack Interactive Company LogoStudio Six Company LogoPaul Zimmer
Software Developer

Paul Zimmer

Paul has spent over 12 years leveraging web technologies to create solutions that break down traditional academic publishing models and has recently turned his myriad talents to new efforts, including shipping an award winning iPad game (BallFallDown) and its associated Toy Review site, implementing an innovative interactive cloud-based reporting system, new consumer product concepts as well as creating PiggyPal, the worlds first ‘I Did It’ list.

Takeshi Yanagiura

Takeshi is an internationally respected higher education analyst and planner who has done extensive modeling of student flows and financial aid program impacts. He has served as Director of Research for the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and as a research analyst for the State Higher Education Executive Officers. Takeshi is experienced with a wide variety of programming, data manipulation, and statistical techniques, including logistic regression and quasi-experimental analysis. He is also well attuned to the policy uses of his work and can express complex ideas effectively in a political context. He holds a master’s degree in higher education from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Soka University in Japan.

Elayne Reiss

Elayne has extensive experience in institutional research and planning, and is skilled in a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods. Elayne’s work has appeared in publications such as The American Statistician, Technometrics, and The Journal of Whole Schooling. She is a frequent presenter at conferences of the Southeast SAS Users Group (SESUG) and the Association for Institutional Research (AIR). Elayne was a 2010 recipient of a fellowship for the National Summer Data Policy Institute, a joint venture between AIR, the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to encourage participants to conduct research on large-scale national educational datasets. Elayne has a doctorate in education, specializing in higher education, a master’s degree in statistical computing; and a bachelor’s degree in statistics (summa cum laude), all from the University of Central Florida. She and her brother Jeffrey also operate StatHelpers, a statistics consulting practice.

Grant Thrall

Grant is the leading figure in the new school of business geography practice and thought. In 2002 he published his highly acclaimed Business Geography and New Real Estate Market Analysis with Oxford University Press. He has written or edited over a dozen books, and over 150 professional articles. He has over twenty years experience consulting with his own firm. He has applied his expertise in business geography to both higher education and K-12 education contexts, including an “atlas” of higher education commissioned by the Florida Board of Governors. He is a Professor at University of Florida. Dr. Thrall has been elected three times to be a member of the Board of Directors of the American Real Estate Society. In 2009 he was elected by ARES membership to be President of ARES in 2012/2013. He received his Ph.D in economics from The Ohio State University.

Patricia Steele

Patricia is an expert on postsecondary issues including: price, student financial aid, costs and productivity, degree persistence and completion, state and federal accountability and college access for underrepresented students. She also has extensive experience with a variety of research tools such as national and state survey databases, and with developing surveys, collecting primary source data, and conducting quantitative and qualitative research. She holds a Ph.D. in education policy and leadership with an emphasis on higher education from the University of Maryland, College Park. She speaks and writes on topics related to college access and success. For the last five years she has served several nonprofits and private companies as a research consultant. Her previous experience includes working in student services and academic affairs at college campuses in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania. She has an M.S. in counseling and family studies with an emphasis in college student services from the University of Rhode Island, Kingston.

Mike Droll

Mike Droll is an expert on community college policy, planning, accreditation, program evaluation and data analysis. He is currently an instructor of management and organizational Development at Santa Fe College in Florida, where he previously served as Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning. He has also served as Director of Institutional Effectiveness at Central Florida Community College and as Managing Director at National Alliance of Community & Technical Colleges. Mike has a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Florida and a master’s in operations management from the University of Arkansas.