Our services: working with data, words and people

Our goal is to help clients make the right decisions at the right time. Depending on the project, that can mean working intensively with data, with words, with people—or all three. Data alone do not result in strong analyses, and the best analysis goes nowhere without support from the people who make decisions and who turn policy into practice.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Retention and graduation Analysis
  • K-20 curriculum alignment and standards; college readiness
  • College admissions and high school counseling
  • Transfer and articulation
  • STEM discipline pipelines
  • State and institutional financial aid policy
  • Predictive analytics
  • Time to degree
  • Higher education expenditures, revenues, and costs
  • Employment demand and outcomes
  • Geographic supply and demand issues
  • Higher education needs analysis
  • Enrollment planning
  • Research expenditures
  • Academic and non-academic staffing
Within those areas of expertise, we can:
  • Generate tools to target students for retention efforts
  • Create reports, white papers, articles, op-eds, policy briefs, web content, or other materials
  • Build visualization tools, including charts, maps, and interactive models
  • Edit reports, websites, and other documents where higher education expertise, quantitative experience, and strong language skills are all needed at the same time
  • Analyze national, state, or institutional higher education data
  • Evaluate program outcomes
  • Design or implement small- or large-scale surveys
  • Audit existing higher education data systems and reports
  • Assist states, institutions, and organizations in developing well-crafted requests for proposals that will elicit the strongest responses from applicants
  • Assist applicants in responding to proposals
We can also provide projection and modeling services in the areas of:
  • Enrollment demand
  • Institutional capacity
  • Tuition revenue
  • Financial aid costs
  • Retention
  • Higher education needs
We also work with people, either in short-term stand-alone engagements or as part of a larger project. We can:
  • Act as neutral outside party to facilitate challenging conversations
  • Lead discussions focused on evidence and data
  • Review staffing policies and organization charts
  • Provide training and coaching